Shava’s Youtube Channel

Shava has traveled widely around the Known World, and on this channel she posts video of bardic performances from across the SCA. Often when I’m considering a learning a new I want to know how other bards have approached it. Shava’s channel is often my first stop.

MidBards & Friends

MidBards is a site where bards can share their original work for others in the bardic community. The site has been around a long time, and has recently been given a cosmetic upgrade, and some behind the scenes improvements are in the works. Some of my own material can be found there.

SCA Bardic Arts Resource Page

This site host a large collection of bardic arts resources, including a Bardic 101 and FAQ, a large collection of lyrics, and links to other bardic sites.

Stefan’s Floriegum – Performance Arts

Culled from a variety of sources, the performance arts section of Stefan’s Floriegum is a grab bag of information and instruction. While some of this information is out of date, reflecting ideas and attitudes that no longer reflect the state of Bardic in the SCA, many of them are still worth reading, if only for the historical context.

Writing Aids

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